Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beauty by the Mill River

Tim Watts found and photographed these trout lilies (Erythronium americanum) just downstream from the Hopewell Mills dam removal site.  Below is a poem from Tim.  According to historical documents, Cohannet was the name given by Native Americans to the first falls on the Mill River, perhaps in the vicinity of Hopewell Mills Dam.

Trout Lilies at Cohannet

I wandered up the stream bank to the tune of tumbling riffles, cardinals calling.
Sights and sounds familiar in a peculiar sort of way, all speaking. 
Speaking from sometime past, tickling  a tick of memory within. 
Mottled leaves at my feet, trout lilies, tender flowers bowing, being, beauty and grace.  
From beneath the canopy of maples I meander into morning sunlight. 
Winding away before me a ribbon of water unfurls, washing across gravel, unrestrained but buy the contour of cobble over bedrock beneath.
What is this place I ask?
I know the name given it by those that prospered from it. 
I know the name given it by those that labored for that prosperity. 
I know, I hear, I see something different now. 
I know she flows free.
I hear whispering in her riffles.
Mother Nature's patient laughter. 
Only time will tell her tale.
Together we shall see.