Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dam removal done; planting underway

October, 2013 - The Whittenton Dam is gone, and SumCo restored the channel through the dam site.  The SumCo crews are nearly done with planting the new floodplain.  The plant list includes swamp white oak, red maple, silver maple, river birch, American elm, sycamore, Atlantic white cedar, sensitive fern, and hayscented fern, among others.  Below are before and after comparisons, photos of the plants, the new floodplain, and the completed channel work.

Looking downstream at Whittenton Dam, 2010
Same view, 2013.  Note natural regrowth in the foreground and completed channel restoration through the dam site
Looking downstream across the top of the dam, 2010

Similar view, 2013
Looking upstream from the dam removal site towards the restored floodplain.  
This picture shows some of the historic floodplain that was buried beneath the impoundment.  Note the tree stumps -- these are likely 200 years old.

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